• Some Interesting Facts About Pearl Gemstone(feature)
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    Some Interesting Facts About Pearl Gemstone

    Pearls are precious gemstone and known to enhance the beauty and enigma of a woman. Ranked among the most popular gems in the world, it has astrological benefits to the mind and the body too. Their price depends on the way they have been harvested. In fact, pricing also depends on whether it is a freshwater pearl, a south sea pearl or Basra pearl. The natural pearl gemstone is the rarest and therefore the priciest. Did you know that pearls had astrological benefits too? Benefits of pearl gemstone Discussing about the  beauty of Moti stone would be incomplete without discussing about their benefits. Wearing it as a jewelry is one…

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    The Combined Magic of Yellow Sapphire and Ruby

    Combination of Yellow Sapphire and Ruby Gemstone Normally when you go to an astrologer, they study your nettle chart, hear out the problems you are facing and recommend you gems and crystals as remedies. More often than not, a person is suggested to wear more than one gemstones to counter a particular problem. In those cases, the gems are prescribed in combination for full effect that might be necessary to overcome the problem/ problems at hand. Among the gems that are often combined together to remedy a problem, are yellow sapphire and ruby. For those who haven’t been given to wear either or together, they may seem like an unlikely…

  • Difference between fresh water and sea water pearl gemstone
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    Difference Between Fresh Water and Sea Water Pearl Gemstone

    Precious Pearl Gemstone Pearls have gained their popularity over ages because of their sheer elegance and lustre. However, did you know that not all pearls can be considered gemstones? Only the ones that have been harvested naturally can be called so. Owe it to the time and the money that goes into harvesting a natural pearl. There is a cheaper alternative though, which is quite popular too- the fresh water pearl. Pearl gemstone basically found into the deep sea and ocean. These are the few key differences between the two: • Freshwater pearls are grown in mussels, found in rivers and lakes. They are mostly garnered in China. On the…

  • Coral Stone
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    Know About Untold Secret of Red Coral Gemstone

    The red coral gemstone is for Mars or Mangal (as its reference in Vedic astrology). The red coral is one of the most ancient existing gemstones which was highly in use for making jewelry. Coral polyps are sea living creatures of the marine underworld. The formation of coral comprises the skeletons of the marine underworld living animal, coral polyps. The skeletons of the coral polyps form clusters of reefs, islands or colonies. Since the composition of coral comprises of the skeletons of coral polyps it is organic in nature. With the death of coral polyps, the remains of the animal harden over time, which is extensively in use as the…

  • CatsEye Gemstone
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    Cats Eye Gemstone: Price, Benefit and Difference

    Introduction to Natural CatsEye Gemstone Cats Eye is a gem that holds a major importance in the world of astrology. In Vedic Astrology, CatsEye Gemstone is associated with the Planet Ketu and can be worn by a person during the dasa and antar dasa of Ketu. The Cats Eye gemstone is a chemical substance of Chrysoberyl. Cats Eye is an extremely powerful Gemstone that must be worn only after careful analysis and consultation by an eminent astrologer. In fact, some astrologers believe that it is even stronger than Blue Sapphire and can have a major impact in the life of the wearer. If you are looking to get a cat’s…

  • Who should wear emerald gemstone
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    Emerald Gemstone – A Symbol of Fashion and Good Luck

    The Emerald Gemstone is often known as the ‘Healer’s Stone’ because of its healing properties. This gemstone is the Divine stone of the Goddess Venus. It brings in the stability of the mind, body and the soul of the wearing individual. The wearer feels a sense of calmness within itself as emerald stone spiritually balances its footing. Spiritually the stone is called the ‘Stone of Successful Heart’ as this gem is believed to nurture and open the heart chakra. The natural emerald gemstone invites serenity and happiness into the life of the wearer. Emerald gemstone also enhances the brain power, speech, communication skills and intelligence of the native wearing it.…

  • yellow sapphire price, color and cut
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    Yellow Sapphire Gemstone: Price, Colors and Cut

    The Yellow Sapphire gemstone is one of the most popular and widely used stones in the world. Apart from being an important jewelry gemstone, it is also highly valued in the world of astrology. Astrologically Yellow Sapphire is associated with Jupiter and this gemstone can be worn to enhance the positive attributes of Jupiter. By wearing an unheated yellow sapphire, it is possible to strengthen Jupiter in the astrological birth chart according to Vedic calculations. In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is considered be to the most auspicious and benevolent planet. Jupiter can bestow enlightenment, happiness, generosity, and abundance in a person’s life. By using high quality and authentic yellow sapphire, it…

  • Information of Hessonite Gemstone
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    Information of Hessonite Garnet Gemstone

    The hessonite or gomedh is a stone that is extensively used in India for astrological purposes. Hessonite can be described as a gem quality specimen of grossularite or grossular garnet. It is a calcium-aluminum silicate belonging to the family of garnets. Most types of grossularite stones are green in color. However, hessonite stands out for its unique honey-yellow or brown-red or ‘cinnamon’ shade. In some cases, this stone can be found in other shades of colors as well. The distinct color of this stone has led people to refer to it as ‘kaneel stone’ or ‘cinnamon stone’. Some of the other variants of grossular garnets are the green colored grossularite,…

  • Combination-of-Red-Coral-and-Pearl-Gemstone
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    Combination of Red Coral and Pearl stone

    The Red coral is also termed as Moonga The ruling planet of this Red stone is Mars which is also called Red Planet. Coral gemstone gives courage and confidence just in short span of time. It is capable of combating the evil effect of Mars and helps to retain the positive effects, i.e. Healthy and prosperous life. Moonga is favorable for an individual having Manglik Dosh or obstacle in not getting married. Mars and Red Coral Mars is courageous and initiative taking planet. It is a representative of force, strength, ability to take risks and also the ability to take decisions with faith. Since Red Coral is the Gemstone of Mars…

  • Ruby Gemstone around the World
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    Ruby Gemstone around the World

    Ruby is also called Manak. It is fondly called the gemstone of love. Ruby is extremely strong. Its color varies from pink to red. Ruby is one of the most elegant looking precious gemstones found in the history of the gemstone world. This stone has garnered its reputation and name due to its extraordinary characteristics such as top-notch color, cuts, and treatments. Further owing to its enthralling properties, its value has even surpassed the value on some occasions. The astrological implication of Ruby As far as Astrology is concerned, this gemstone is ruled by Lord of the Solar system, The Sun. As we know Sun gives light to the entire…