Cats eye gemstone benefits

Cats Eye Gemstone: Price, Benefit and Difference


Introduction to Natural Cats Eye Gemstone

Cats Eye is a gem that holds major importance in the world of astrology. In Vedic Astrology, it is associated with the Planet Ketu and can be worn during the dasa and antar dasa of Ketu. The Cats Eye gemstone is a chemical substance of Chrysoberyl.

Cats Eye is an extremely powerful precious Gemstone that must be worn only after careful analysis and consultation by an astrologer. In fact, some astrologers believe that it is even stronger than Blue Sapphire and can have a major impact on the life of the wearer.

If you are looking to get a cat’s eye lehsunia, it is important that you procure one from a reliable source. The quality of the gemstone and its price depends on  mines. Let’s have a closer look at some of the factors that can influence the Cats Eye price.

Natural Catseye – 9Gem

Health Benefits of Wearing Cats Eye

Cat’s eye gemstone is having powerful healing properties. It can help people to recover from bodily complications  caused by depression, disease or unhealthy and addictive habits.

To get relief from the problems like apathy in diet and anorexia,catseye is helpful.

Catseye is useful to get rid off from diseases such as paralysis, cancer and mania.

The stone is helpful to prevent sudden and unexpected mishaps, and from secret enemies.
Gemstone  is extremely helpful for people having any kind of genetic diseases.

Significance of Cats Eye

• The Cat’s Eye stone can bring back lost fortune or even resume shut businesses.
• The stone is perfect for people who gamble or like taking part in hypothetical activities since it can bring good fortunes. The stone favors adventurers and risk-takers in a major way.
• Businessmen involved in different types of tentative activities can benefit from wearing Cats Eye. It can also offer wealth through secret means such as betting, horse racing, and stock exchange market.
• The lehsunia gemstone is used as a talisman for having emotional guard against the evil eye and negative drives.

Natural Catseye – 9Gem

• Ketu characterizes a mystical force whose energies can help a person to seek cognitive advancement. It can help a person to meditate and be an evangelist or religious seeker.
• Cat’s eye stone can resolve mental anxiety caused by one’s inability to express desires. The stone can also dissolve anxiety and stress.
• Wearing the cat’s eye stone can provide a person with greater awareness. It can also reinstate retention abilities.
• cat’s eye gemstone is helpful to get rid of numerous  psychological complexes and fears by making positive changes in life.


Cat’s Eye Price

The color of the Cats Eye stone is one of the significant aspects that determine its price. Cat’s eye stones with a milk and honey hue come at a steep price. In addition, greenish-yellow, green and golden look also comes at a higher price when equated to gray or brown or those having a smoky look.

The color must be uniform throughout the crystal. It undermines its importance and its price gets reduces  when there will two different colors on a single stone

Natural Catseye – 9Gem

• Untreated, natural Cats eye gemstones can fetch a higher price when compared to the gemstones that are treated.
• Another factor that influences the stone’s price is the bright silvery band located at the stone’s center which creates the impression of the cat’s eye.
The lehsunia stone price increases when the band is perfectly centered, robust, unbroken and noble in appearance.

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