Our gemstones are natural, certified and untreated make us the best in the gemstone market for gemstone buying. These stones have significantly more value and are far more stable in retaining that value over commercially treated sapphires. We directly bring the stones to our customers from mines and reduce the cost of the middleman that itself reduce the cost of stone that you buy from us around 30 to 40 percent.

1. We have 15000 natural precious gemstones for you to choose from. We have gemstones that suit every occasion, mood, budget, need.

2. We Believe in long-term relationships with customers

3. We have a collection of rarest precious Gemstones like Burmese Ruby, Columbian, Brazilian & Zambian Emeralds, Kashmir & Ceylon Sapphires, South Sea & Basra Pearls etc.

4. We also make customized gemstone rings, bracelet, pendants etc in gold, silver, panch dhatu as per customer requirement.

5. 100% transparency. What you see is what you get. All stones presented in the store are live products for selling. Our stones are sold along with the seal of trust from Gemlab. Not even we can touch the gemstone.

6. All our gemstones are 100% pure, natural and for astrological use.

7. We are a socially responsible company and make sure all our gemstones are obtained from legitimate sources certified by the best labs in the world.

8. The gemstone you buy from us comes with a certificate of authenticity from prestigious laboratories such as GemLab, IGI, GIA etc.


10. Being an online store, we have no inventory costs. The costs saved here reflect in our incredibly low prices.

11. With no middlemen involved whatsoever, you will find our gemstone prices much lower than your local jeweler or online store. We sell colored gemstones online that are directly mined from sources. That is also the main reason low price of our gemstones. Don’t fall in the trap of other sellers with the high price.

12. We’re in the gemstone business because we love what we do. We have a passion for natural gemstones. We love to work with people who are as excited about our gemstones as we are!

13. We also accept payments via top leading debit and credit cards.

14. Once an order is placed, we keep you up to date with your order status.

15. Our shipping partners are UPS, DHL, and Fedex for fast & secure product deliveries.

For more details visit the store at www.9Gem.eu

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