Blue Sapphire- Gemstone of saturn

Blue Sapphire – The Gemstone of Saturn Planet



For years, the blue sapphire stone has been worn to ward off the negative effects of Saturn and also to bring in a number of additional benefits for the wearer. But over the years, a large number of myths have also come to be wrongly associated with the blue sapphire. Before knowing theĀ  benefits of blue sapphire ,we should know the myths, and see what the reality is.

TheĀ  Benefits of Blue Sapphire

  1. Many experts have reinforced the belief that the blue sapphire is one of those precious gemstones which have a very immediate impact on the wearer. Experts who have studied this in-depth have opined that the planet Saturn is not that easy to please, nor are the problems easy to overcome. To solve all your problems you need to also keep making your own efforts Along with the blue sapphire.
  2. One more myth is that the Neelam gemstone can either make the fortunes of the wearer him completely.
  3. People say that if the blue sapphire does not suit a person, then that person might meet with an accident. While accidents can happen anytime, there is no scientific reasoning that can link any accident to the blue sapphire astrological gemstone.
  4. There are many faux jewelers around that would try to sell an older Neelam to you. You should be aware that the positive effects of a blue sapphire wear off after 3-4 years. So it is not enough to buy certified gemstones only.
  5. If you have read and heard about the fairy tale wedding of Lady Diana with Prince Charles, you would know that the engagement ring for that wedding had a blue sapphire stone. So do not believe the myth that a blue sapphire only has astrological uses.
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Saturn is the ruling planet of blue sapphire.  It is such a captivating gemstone, that it is often used in engagement rings and other jewelry.

There are several celebrities display the status of their engagement by wearing sapphire ring. Notable among such popular people who have worn the sapphire in public are Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz, and Elizabeth Hurley.

The people who would benefit the most from wearing a sapphire?

1. If saturn is in 4th,6th and 11th house then one can wear blue sapphire as well as saturn Ascendent.

2. It is especially beneficial during Saturn Mahadasha and Sade Sati Shani. It brings peace, prosperity, and happiness in life. You can be assured of mental clarity when you wear sapphire. You can also get protection from evil eyes who are jealous of you.

3. In order to get the best benefits from the blue sapphire, you must first check whether it is compatible with you. For that you need to consult with an experienced vedic astrologer.

4. If it is recommended to you then you should go ahead. If you can get a detailed consultation from an expert astrologer, you can buy the best sapphire Neelam for yourself which would protect you from the ill effects of Saturn.


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