Top Interesting Facts That You Have To Know About Blue Sapphire

Top Interesting Facts That You Have To Know About Blue Sapphire


The Blue Sapphire is one of the most notable precious gemstone items that you can find in the jewelry store.Here is a look at some of the most interesting facts about Blue Sapphire.

Interesting Facts about Blue Sapphire

Sapphires are treasure as a precious gemstone. The ancient Romans wore polished sapphires and use these sapphires as jewelry.

The word sapphire is derive from a greek word ‘sappheiros’, which may have originally refer to another type of blue stone called Lapis Lazuli.

Sapphires are the most durable naturally occurring elements in the world. Gemstones are rate on their ability  based on  Mohs Scale of Hardness. Sapphires makes them an excellent choice for engagement rings and other jewelry you plan to wear.

when you think about Sapphires, it is  often regarded as a bright blue gemstone. However, they are available in a wide range of colors such as yellow, orange, green and pink.

Sapphires get their colors from trace elements in the mineral corundum. Classic blue sapphires contain iron and titanium.

It is using for curing eye diseases as well as for preserving celibacy because of having strong  healing powers.

Sapphire stones used  to bring inner peace and assist in divine enlightenment.

The most famous royal sapphire engagement ring given by England’s Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, and now worn by Princess Catherine.

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Sapphires are find in Australia, Tanzania, Thailand, Cambodia, Malawi, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, the United States. But Srilankan blue sapphire  is best for astrological purpose.

Blue sapphire is gemstone of December born. Before wearing it you need to consult with an experienced vedic astrologer for suitability.

Sapphires have various mystical powers. including heavenly powers, truth, innocence, peace, and good health.

Blue sapphire represents royalty and it can be wear by medieval kings, protect them from their enemies.

Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Emperor gave a sapphire engagement ring to Josephine in 1796 which has a beautiful pear-shaped sapphire with a striking pear-shaped diamond placed over a gold band.

Sapphire engagement rings certainly aren’t only for royals. Before the twentieth century, blue sapphires were used for engagement rings as Victorian engagement rings, when they were often surrounded by smaller diamonds to create floral designs.

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