The Combined Magic of Yellow Sapphire and Ruby

The Combined Magic of Yellow Sapphire and Ruby


Normally when you go to an astrologer, they study your nettle chart, hear out the problems you are facing and recommend you gems and crystals as remedies. More often than not, a person is suggested to wear more than one gemstone to counter a particular problem.

In those cases, the gems are prescribed in combination for the full effect that might be necessary to overcome the problem/ problems at hand. Among the gems that are often combined to remedy a problem, are yellow sapphire and ruby. For those who haven’t been given to wear either or together, they may seem like an unlikely combination, but in certain cases, the joint effects of these two gems are near miracle.

Planetary Compliance

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj and Ruby stone or Manik is both stones of Surya (Sun). That in itself makes them a powerful combination, although separately too, they are very effective. The planets of ruby and yellow sapphire gemstone being one, the stones share a friendly alchemy which makes them two of the most highly recommended stones in Vedic astrology.

The stones, while individually, bring prosperity in life and fulfillment in marriage, together they bring a balance between the personal and professional lives the lack of which is more often than not the source of discord and discontentment.

The Definite Benefits Of Yellow Sapphire

To elaborate on what’s said above, here is a brief description of the merits of both the stones. Yellow sapphire which bears a fiery yellow color and a blinding sparkle is a gemstone that is infinitely beneficial for career and wealth.

When you buy yellow sapphire, it ensures prosperity in these quarters, bringing its wearers closer to success. In marriage too, these stones bestow joy, contentment, and strength. The yellow sapphire too is prescribed for issues related to children.

Ruby, on the other hand, is more about relationships and health than anything else. It strengthens relationships between the members of a family and fosters peace and harmony. It also looks over personal health keeping diseases away while promoting general health.

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Buy natural yellow sapphire-9gem

A ruby also looks after the health of others related to the wearer, thereby ensuring wellness in the whole family. That aside, for its wearer alone, ruby brings a surge of self-confidence formerly missing. It gives its wearer the power, sight, and energy to lead.

So what happens differently when these two stones come together? Not much, and yet a lot. When worn together, their full effect outdoes their individual merits, doubling, even tripling up the benefits in some cases. As a combined effect, you may see your betters at work favoring you, or your friends and relatives admiring you openly.

In other words, a ruby and sapphire together an exact recognition and forge a reputation in the society for its wearer. You will see yourself becoming not only popular but also respected among those who previously had taken no notice of you. So, there are two gemstones that will constantly take care of the fact that you are sought and lauded in your circle of close friends and acquaintances.

Yellow Sapphire Best Suited For

Sadly, the combination of Pukhraj and Manik gemstone does not yield results for everybody. Not everyone who wears it can turn from a nobody to a celebrity in a matter of days. The combination is better suited for people born under some sun sign than those born under others. Let’s take a look at the lagnas for which this combination produces the most favorable result.

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Buy natural yellow sapphire-9gem

Aeries or Mesh Rashi

For Aries born people, wearing these stones makes Sun as the lord of their sign. For these people, the gems ensure higher education, high creativity. The stones keep Jupiter shining high on their luck and profession.


Leo or Simha Rashi

For Leos, these stones make Sun the lord of their comforts, health, and prosperity. Jupiter shines upon their academic successes and creative exploits. Personal possessions flourish too under the watch of Jupiter.

Sagittarius or Dhanu Rashi

Lastly, for Sanitarians, yellow sapphire and ruby mean success, financial stability, good health and peace of mind. It also keeps a check on the inauspicious houses in the horoscope making sure that Jupiter does not move into those places.

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  1. This information is absolutely amazing.!!!! Are there and other gem combos for other signs. Also is there a way or was there a way to identify your birth gem by your astrological sign. ?
    Please keep up all the good info. I love learning!!!!!

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