Some Interesting Facts About Pearl Gemstone

Some Interesting Facts About Pearl Gemstone


Pearls are precious gemstone and known to enhance the beauty and enigma of a woman. Ranked among the most popular gems in the world, it has astrological benefits to the mind and the body too. Their price depends on the way they have been harvested. In fact, pricing also depends on whether it is a freshwater pearl, a south sea pearl or Basra pearl. The natural pearl gemstone is the rarest and therefore the priciest.

Did you know that pearls had astrological benefits too?


Benefits Of Pearl Gemstone

Discussing the beauty of Moti stone would be incomplete without discussing their benefits. Wearing it as jewelry is one thing, but wearing it for astrological benefits if there are any issues in your horoscope is another thing. Here are some of the best ways that the gemstone can help.

Did you know that wearing a pearl recommended to those people who get angry quickly? It is the gemstone for the zodiac sign cancer and it is associated with the planet moon. Pearl stones have some interesting astrological benefits. It symbolizes the power of the planet, moon, which signifies softness, charming eyes and a steady mind.

Apart from that, a person who is suffering from vagueness, strain, hopelessness, and unpredictability in life is always counseled to wear the pearl stone. It also enhances the beauty and luster of women. Some of the other benefits of wearing pearls are:

1. People can wear it for recognition, wealth and kingly comforts

2. It helps in neutralizing the negative planetary influences on human beings

3. It also enhances the memory and brainpower

4. It is also said that pearls bring good fortune

5. It also helps in developing harmony between husband and wife

6. It reduces discomfort during sleep


Few Facts  You Did Not Know About The Pearl Gemstone

Pearls take 6 months to grow

That is a generalized timeline for all pearls. However, each type of pearl takes different time to form. Sometimes, the process can last for about 24 months too. The entire process begins when a pearl farmer implants a tiny nucleus inside the mollusk.

In fact, the growth of the pearl depends on the time taken to recover from the implant. It should be mentioned that Chinese freshwater pearls can grow up to 5 mm per.


Did you know that the oldest pearl dates back to 7,500 years?

In 2012, the oldest pearl, gemstone was found in a gravesite in the UAE. The name of that oldest pearl given was Umm al Quwain, that represent the region of the country it was found in. It was dated back to 7,500 years, using carbon dating technology.

Pearls are the only gemstones that come from a living creature: Despite being classified as a gemstone, pearls differ significantly from all other gemstones. All other gemstones formed in the earth’s crust are magma cools under high pressure.

The first-ever cultured pearl was created by Kokichi Mikimoto

In the year 1878, he started experimenting as to how to experiment with pearls. After trying for two decades, he successfully cultured pearls in 1896 and obtained a license for it.

But this has hit the natural pearl market because people have adopted the artificial market more than the natural pearl because of price restraints. Real and natural pearl price is based on their origins.

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