Information of Hessonite Gemstone

Information of Hessonite Garnet Gemstone

The hessonite garnet gemstone or gomedh is a stone that is extensively used in India for astrological purposes. It is a calcium-aluminum silicate belonging to the family of garnets.  However, hessonite stands out for its unique brown-red or ‘cinnamon’ shade.

The distinct color of this stone has led people to refer to it as ‘kaneel stone’ or ‘cinnamon stone’.  The hydrogrossular garnet, chromium-rich favorite as well as the rare specimen of colorless leuco garnet.

Hessonite gemstone in Vedic astrology

The hessonite gemstone has always been regarded in high value in the world of Vedic astrology.  The hessonite or gomedh stone as birth stone suitable for people who are born in January.

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Buy Natural Hessonite – 9Gem

The term ‘hessonite’ is actually a Greek word that means ‘Hesson’ or ‘inferior’. This is actually in reference to the lower hardness and density of the hessonite stone when compared to the other variants of garnet.

Hessonite and its appearance

The unique color of hessonite along with the high traces of manganese present in these stones makes it easy for people to distinguish it from the other variants of garnet. When observed under magnification, hessonite shows contorted and undulating portions of lesser transparency that can help in identifying and distinguishing hessonite from the other types of similarly colored gemstones.

Hessonite has got a particularly distinct type of cubic crystal structure.  The other notable features of the hessonite stone are the absence of pleochroism or cleavage. It also combines with the hardness, color, and very high refractive index to give rise to one of a kind appearance.

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Buy Natural Hessonite – 9Gem

Hessonite Garnet Gemstone physical features

Samples of gem-quality hessonite stones are translucent. However, lower-grade samples are usually opaque. Most common impurities found in stones are the honey-colored inclusions. In hessonite stones, the inclusions do not generally detract their value. Once polished, the hessonite stone develops a vitreous or glass-like luster.

The hessonite garnet is usually faceted for enhancing its color.otherwise its color can become too dark which eventually decrease the overall value of a stone. The cushion and oval-shaped stone samples are by far the most common.


Unique benefits of wearing Hessonite Garnet Gemstone

Gomedh is also among the nine major planetary gemstones in the Vedic astrology. . There are many benefits of hessonite :

  • Wearing the hessonite can bring success, longevity and good fortune.
  • It is, no wonder that numerous courageous adventurers and discoverers wear the garnet stone for good luck and protection.
  • In most cases, these gemstones  serve as powerful talismans that can illuminate the night and get rid of evil spirits.
  • Garnet helps in alleviating arthritis, backache, varicose veins, and liver disorders, remove depression and to resolve bad dreams.
  • Wearing hessonite gemstone is extremely beneficial for the body, mind as well as to encourage passion, romance, and love.

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