Combination of Red Coral and Pearl stone


The Red coral is also termed as Moonga The ruling planet of this Red stone is Mars. Coral gemstone gives courage and confidence.

It is capable to overcome the evil effect of Mars and helps to retain the positive effects. Moonga is favorable for an individual having Manglik Dosh.

Mars and Red Coral

Mars and Red Coral
Mars and Red Coral

Mars is a courageous and initiative-taking planet. It is a representative of force, strength, ability to take risks and take decisions with faith.

Red Coral Gemstone Benefits

  • Natural Red Coral gemstone overcomes laziness. It energizes the individual to take task to¬† logical conclusion. It helps in overcoming delay.
  • As per Astrology, red color boosts confidence, imparts courage, raises self-esteem and removes fears.
  • Red coral cures from many diseases like blood related and skin problems.
  • Natural Coral also helps to those who are not getting married.
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Buy Natural Coral- 9gem

Benefits of Wearing Pearl Gemstone

  • Pearl is also used to getting rid of the evil effects of the moon and reflects power to wearer.
  • It reinforces the mind force and increases the good sleep.
  •  Pearl enhances the beauty and facial glow of ladies. It brings good harmony between husband and wife.
  • It signifies mental balance, abundance, creativity mental balance.
  • A balanced moon in the birth chart blesses with a stable mind and high emotional quotient.
  • Pearl helps to make  strong  Weak and afflicted moon. and reflects the positive energy of moon.
  • Pearl gemstone also can control behavior, emotions, and hormonal problems.
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Buy Natural Pearl – 9Gem

Professions in which Pearl is beneficial

Pearl is also beneficial for Business related with arts, medicines milk, oil, beverages, shipbuilding, exports. People associated with business-like cinema, drama, agriculture, sculpture, cloth, painting, photo studio, and writing can take benefit by wearing pearl.


Combination of Red Coral with Pearl

  • Planet Mars and Moon are friends with each other, as result pearl and red coral can be worn together . These two gems cannot cause any kind of harm if worn together.
  • Pearl can be worn in the little finger and red coral in the ring finger.
  • Pearl and Red Coral are the only two organic Gemstones for attracting beneficial planetary energies .
  • The nature of the Red Coral gemstone is warm and the nature of the Pearl gemstone is cold,
  • Combination of both will not give any harm to wearer if wearing after proper consultation with an astrologer.

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