Ruby Gemstone around the World

List Of Ruby Gemstone around the World

Ruby Gemstone around the World
Ruby gemstone around the world

Ruby (Manik) is fondly called the gemstone of love. Ruby is extremely strong. Its color varies from pink to red. Ruby is one of the most elegant looking precious gemstones found in the history of the gemstone world. This stone has garnered its reputation and name due to its extraordinary characteristics such as top-notch color, cuts, and treatments. Further, owing to its enthralling properties, its value has even surpassed the value on some occasions.

The astrological implication of Ruby Gemstone

As far as Astrology is concerned, this gemstone is ruled by Lord of the Solar system, The Sun. As we know Sun gives light to the entire Solar system and so as Earth. So it symbolizes light and hope. Further, it emits the radiance of success. It also signifies power, pride, and prestige.

If Sun is not favorably placed in one’s horoscope, then it adversely affects the issues related to health and life. But Ruby has the power to nullify the ill- effects of the Sun and thereby imparts good health and strength.

Benefits of Ruby Gemstone

  1. Ruby wearer can get kingly status and an ample amount of wealth.
  2. It also removes confusions and helps an individual to stay focused.
  3. Students and professional can draw benefit by wearing ruby stone if they are not getting success in their ventures.
  4. Ruby also enhances financial stability and one also gets recognition in the society. It brings fame, enhances confidence, brings fortune and wealth in wearer’s life
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Ruby as a treatment for ailments

Ruby helps to cure many ailments like weight problems that have slow biological functions, treat blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, eyesight and blood circulation.

The popularity of Burmese Ruby

The most famous locality for rubies is Myanmar in Burma. The Burmese Rubies are well-known for their beautiful red color. They are often called “pigeons blood”. Burmese rubies have their rich heritage and history. They command the highest prices and these stones are also available in 3 carats which is the rarest and most expensive of gemstones. But still, they enjoy worldwide recognition.

The  good quality gemstones are present in different parts of the world. Burmese ruby is known for its quality and outstanding features. The Burmese ruby gemstone is  the most sort after because of their intense dark red color which can not available in any other origins.
But Burmese ruby mining is insufficient and the high prices of the stones reflect that.

The Burma mining of ruby gemstone initiated 500 years ago. The famous mines of rubies in Burma are in Mogok at a distance away from Myanmar.
The price of the Burmese ruby gemstone is considerably higher when it is compared to other localities or origin ruby gemstones. However, the higher color characteristics and inclusions make ruby stone first and foremost choice of people around the world.


List Of Origins of  Ruby Gemstone around the World

Besides Burma, as far as other Ruby locations are concerned, then the most important sources of rubies are in Asia and Africa.

Ruby also occurs in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka produces the largest stones, but the rubies are generally more pinkish.

Mining of rubies in Thailand is done in the late 20th century but the deposits are getting depleted. But these rubies which the Thai developed helped them led them to become leading traders of Ruby.
But nowadays, Africa and Madagascar is the leading producer of rubies. In Madagascar, rubies found throughout the island.

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Although Mozambique is a part of Africa, in general, African ruby gemstone is the term given to the rubies extracted from other Ruby mines in Africa than the ones in Mozambique.

Then as far as Indian Ruby found in Odisha, Telangana, and Jharkhand naturally. Rubies extracted from these mines are opaque. Its color ranges from purplish pink to dark color.

Online access to Ruby

The advent of the internet has made things easier for people to go shopping. Online shopping sites are the most sort after ones for buying the products. They are big-time savers and are easy to access from anywhere. Ruby gemstone online can be easily available on the websites. You can get all the information related to gemstone and buy it either by cash or by using a credit card at your comfort.

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