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Know About Untold Secret of Red Coral Stone

Know About Untold Secret of Red Coral Gemstone
Know About Untold Secret of Red Coral Gemstone

The red coral stone is for Mars or Mangal (as its reference in Vedic astrology). The red coral is one of the most ancient existing gemstones which was highly in use for making jewelry. Coral polyps are sea living creatures of the marine underworld. The formation of coral comprises the skeletons of the marine underworld living animal, coral polyps.

The skeletons of the coral polyps form clusters of reefs, islands or colonies. Since the composition of coral comprises of the skeletons of coral polyps it is organic in nature. With the death of coral polyps, the remains of the animal harden over time, which is extensively in use as the coral gemstone. It is mainly available in the tropical and the subtropical sea and ocean waters.

The midway islands, the Canary island, the red sea, Hawaii, Italy and, the coasts of Malaysia, Australia and, Taiwan are the main sources of this gemstone. Being organic in nature it is soft and brittle, unlike the other gemstones which are of mineral origin.

The ancient beliefs revolving around the coral stone

The ancient Romans had a strong belief that the coral gemstone was magical and had magical medicinal properties to cure poisons of a snake bite or a scorpion sting. So, the Romans had their children wear coral necklaces to keep them healthy and protect them from any disease. Red Italian corals are perfect for necklaces. Check out the Italian coral price before buying the necklace.

Extraction of the coral from the deep Sea Waters

The coagulation of the marine creatures, coral polyps forms the general composition of the coral gemstone. So, initially, the coral found underwater is in forms of branches of coral reefs together. As the extraction is successful from the underwater, it then proceeds further to make its use in the trade of jewelry and astrology.

The extraction coral cores are from the deep sea waters is possible by drilling underwater. It is a feasible method of extraction. Pneumatic drill and a gasoline-powered air compressor are normally in use in the extraction process. This process is comparatively (cost-effective) than other methods. Extraction of the coral cores is more intact and it is portable in nature. Moreover, the whole process is easier and faster.

Other than the scientific method some primitive methods are also in use for fishing out coral from the seawater. In the ancient river beds, digging pits are in used to pass a shaft which can reach the coral reef for its extraction.
And of course, the great scuba divers risk their lives underwater in search of this precious gemstones. They spend hours and hours of the day underwater in search on the red coral just like, in case of the extraction of the pearl stone.

Preparing the raw freshly dug out coral for the jewelry and as gemstones

The most common color that has a great demand is the deep red colored coral. More than often it is also popular as the oxblood red color in the trade. Cutting the coral stone meticulously before it is finally sent for its use in jewelry and astrology is next of the process. The coral gemstone is growing in popularity since its usage in engagement rings. Other than necklaces, earring, and bracelets, more and more newly would-be brides are choosing red coral over the timeless classic diamond.

It may be because the red coral has its own benefits in marriage. The red coral has the power to bring peace, harmony, and passion in a distorted relationship; so is the belief. For this purpose, it has become a common choice to wear a coral ring. Now after this revelation it is essential to have a coral ring. Check the coral stone price and the coral stone online to buy high-quality gems.


Different shapes of Coral Gemstone

Coral gemstone has different shapes and sizes depending upon the demand of the customers. Basically, there are three different attractive shapes of the Coral gemstone. Different shapes of the Coral gemstone are given below.

The heart shapes coral stone

It is one of the most sought out cuts for the engagement ring. This is the perfect choice of cut for the engagement ring and can be also worn in pendent, which can never get a refusal.

Heart shape coral stone
Heart-shaped coral stone

Emerald cut coral stone

This cut is particularly a square-cut stone which enhances the natural look of stone when it finds its use in necklaces with intricate designs, earring, and bracelets.

emerald cut coral stone
Emerald cut coral stone

Round cut coral stone

This particular shape reflects 58 facets of the coral stone. This is the most common cut that goes into the making of rings.

Round Cut Coral Stone
Round Cut Coral Stone

The cut and shape of coral gem come in any form one wishes to. The princess cut coral stone, the Asscher cut coral stone, oval-shaped coral stone, pear shape coral stone, and the cushion shape coral stone are a few most common shapes in use. Other than the above cuts and shapes, it is possible to shape the gemstone in any given shape as per the liking of the individual.

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